How Do You Say Super Awesome Pond Floatie Thing in Spanish?

It's been pretty quiet here in the house of Quirk.  I mean this metaphorically, of course, because no house containing a one year old is actually quiet.  Especially not with pots to be banged and cat doors to climb through and battery-operated toys randomly singing songs in Spanish all day.

(Why Spanish you ask?  I don't know.  Somehow all the buttons on all the toys always get switched to Spanish.  The same way they all mysteriously get switched to "loud enough to actually be heard in bordering Spanish speaking countries" on the volume control.  Still, I figure it can't hurt for ZB to be exposed to a second language, and I personally have learned the song "Hola! Hola! That means hello! Adios! Adios! Bye Bye it's time to go!" from a pink singing teapot, so I figure it's just a matter of time before we both get offered jobs as international translators).

No, what I meant was that there isn't really anything interesting going on around here.  Well, I take that back.  There is this bad boy:

Product Details
Behold! That my friends is the Laguna Pond Float Valve, currently winging its way to me from Amazon via the United States Post Office.  It's a valve that I discovered by accident but have now decided that I cannot live without. Why, you ask?  Because I live in the South.  And last week's weird weather not withstanding, it gets hot in the South.  And when it gets hot, all the water in my little pond evaporates.  And when all the water evaporates, my water lilies get annoyed.  And when they get annoyed, they don't bloom with the pretty flowers that I have come to expect each summer.  So I spend ridiculous amounts of time dragging the hose out and topping off the pond and wheeling the hose back up, only to do it all again two or three days later.  But now!  Now I will just attach this bad boy to the hose that runs off of my super-duper 55 gallon rain barrel, and whenever the water level drops and the little floatie goes down, the pond will automatically refill with fresh FREE rain water.  (Or at least 55 gallons of it, which should hold it over until the next rain shower).  So happy dance at my brilliance and/or dumb luck for randomly stumbling across this today, Internets, because hopefully this will allow me to mark one more thing off of the "A Million and one things that have to be monitored and maintained around the Quirky Kingdom".  And score one for being lazy!  And water conservation!  But mostly laziness!

So that's my highlight of the day today.  (I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  Good I suppose in that I'm happy because I found it, but bad in that this is the most exciting thing that's happened today, which means I'm not exactly living la vida loca.)

(Look!  More Spanish!  I am on fire today!  Or en fuego as they say on Dora!  Official translator to the ambassador of wealthy Spanish-speaking country, here I come!)

Good to know the pond will stay filled while I'm gone.

Blessed Be The Kitties

Our church has a part of the service where members of the congregation can call out prayer requests.

Guy #1: Pray for our military overseas that they will be safe.

Guy #2: Please pray from my uncle who was just diagnosed with cancer.

(Solemn pause)


And so the cats got extra prayers from ZB today.  And seeing how she's almost as fast as they are now, they probably need all the heavenly help they can get.