Did I Say Friend? False Alarm

So ya'll remember me telling you about my super new friend that I totally went out on a limb and made even though talking to strangers falls somewhere between having a root canal and getting hit by a car on my fun things to do list?

Yeah, she just told me that oh by the way, she's moving to Boston in a month.

It seems that her husband is going to seminary school, and they decided, "Hey! Why not far far away?" So Boston it is.

In a month.

I'm very bummed.

And yes, it has not escaped me that just weeks after I tentatively got used to the idea of actually having a local friend, she suddenly announced that she's fleeing the state. Can I drive them away or what? It's like I'm the Russian Mafia...everyone I know keeps changing their names and moving away to undisclosed locations.

And rationally I know that her husband being led to go to seminary has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with me, but I am a vain and self-centered person and in fact the world does revolve around me, so I keep thinking things like, "Was I too needy? Did I not laugh at enough of her jokes? Am I a social leper? Do I smell bad and not realize it?"

And I know you're all out there going, "There's this great new invention called the Interweb, so you can still email her and be friends online and all", but she doesn't strike me as a long-distance kind of friend. She's not really much of a computer person at all. Plus I have the feeling this is going to be one of those times where you shake someone's hand and be all, "Nice meeting you- Have a nice life". And that's that.


Back to just me again local-wise. Of course, I still have all of you (who rock, by the way), and several long-time friends that are not based in Knoxville (who also rock, even if they do it far away), so I'm not a total pathetic loser. But if any of you decide to relocate to K-town sometime in the future, just be aware that the position of local friend is open, and I'll be scheduling auditions soon.


Stephanie said...

Oh no! I'm sorry your new friend is leaving. But it was good practice to work up the nerve to invite her to lunch in the first place. It'll be easier the second time.

Good luck with new local friend! And you know, if you move to Chicago, I can be your local friend. It's PERFECT!

tootie said...

What a bummer!