Watermelon. "Gift" Indeed...

So my bloggy buddy Danielle makes a good point about watermelon over on her site, Wonju Wife. So good in fact, that I just had to share. It's hilarious. And true. And hilarious because it's true:

When someone gives you a watermelon, sure, your first thoughts are, "How thoughtful! How lovely! How heavy." And then it's basically all downhill from there. Watermelon is a lot of responsibility. First, it's a hassle to get into. And second, where are you supposed to put it?

I am as excited about watermelon in the summer as the next person, but good grief don't give me one. The gift of a watermelon is really someone saying, "I think it's time you rearrange and clean out your fridge." If you...
Read the whole spot-on discourse at Wonju Wife. If you don't find yourself nodding along in total agreement and randomly saying things like, "Yeah!" and "That's true!", then honestly, I don't know what's wrong with you.