Hello? Is This Thing On?

So yeah. You may have noticed that I've been gone for a while. I didn't really mean to be gone that long, but this happened:

And then just as I was getting used to that, THIS happened:

And suddenly ZB went from a nice little pose-able action figure baby that I could just prop up on a pillow and have her chill while I typed to this little racing hurricane of cuteness and destruction that was into EVERYTHING.

Amazing how quickly that happens.

So just to get you up to speed, she's 10 months old now, (amazing how quickly that happened!) and we're walking and babbling and clapping and dancing and chasing the cats. (Speaking of the cats, they have mixed feelings about her. Dixon, Magellan and Sebastian run from her, Bella wants to play with her, and Mason just holds his ground and endures her "pats" with this long-suffering look that says, "Are you seeing this? I hope you appreciate how I'm just sitting here and letting her do this to me.")

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. And with her mobile, I've really got to keep an eye on her now, because between that and the whole growing teeth deal, everything that isn't nailed down goes into her mouth. "What is that? How did you get that? I just nailed that down! No! Don't put that in your mouth! Yucky! YUCKY!

(Side note: It's amazing how your vocabulary changes when you become a parent. A year ago I never said yucky. Now, yucky is my new go-to word. I must say it about 500 times a day. My baby book says that instead of just saying the word no, babies will learn better when you tell them why they shouldn't do something. So I say yucky and ouchie and danger a lot. But mostly yucky. Apparently to babies, the world is their all-you-can-eat buffet, and so far I haven't been all that successful in convincing her that that isn't prime rib and caviar on the bottom of Daddy's shoe.)

Still, despite all the racing and chasing and saying yucky, I cannot express to you how awesome she is, and how much I completely adore her. Getting to experience the world through her eyes is the rarest gift, and when she stops playing to run over and hug my leg and grin up at me, my heart melts. And to be totally, brutally honest, writing on a blog doesn't hold a candle to that kind of feeling. (Not that I don't enjoy talking to you guys, but c'mon, can you tell me that you'd rather stare at a computer screen than play with this?)

But I did miss you, and I'm sorry that it's been so long. I'm hoping that now that ZB's getting old enough to play for 3o whole seconds by herself, I'll be able to get a post in every now and then. Maybe not as often as before, and maybe not as interesting since the baby is 99.99% of my world, but I promise to try. And I totally get it if my radio silence has hurt you forever and you've moved on completely, but if you haven't, I hope you'll come back and share this with me.

It's good to be back, Internets.