Tony Wins. Bella Wins. Turns Out I Win Too. It's a Win-win-win situations.

Surprise, surprise, Tony's petfinder search prevailed, and my "no more cats" rule crumbled like a fortune cookie.

Introducing our newest (and final...this time I mean it!) member of the family...Bella!

Bella is a Snowshoe/Lilac Siamese rescued from the Union County Humane Society. She's between a year and two years old, but still seems kittenish due to her extremely small stature. (She's half the size of the rest of the boys).

Bella was named after Isabelle Eberheadt, a Swiss-Algerian explorer who lived and travelled extensively in North Africa. (Little known cat fact: All of our cats are named after explorers. It started with Mason and Dixon, whom we named due the the fact that as kittens, they were constantly exploring behind the dresser, under the stove, next to the space was too small to be left undiscovered. Keeping with theme, we added Magellan and Sebastian later, and now we're officially completing the set with Bella).

I'll admit I felt the slightest bit of trepidation before we got her. I mean, she was cute and all, but until I actually saw her in person, I just didn't see the need for another cat. But all that changed as soon as I walked into the cat cottage and spied her lounging on the shelf of a cat was love at first sight. She's absolutely beautiful. And so sweet! Against my best defenses, ze kitty, she has wormed her way into my heart.

The boys, of course, feel differently. They are thoroughly disgusted that we have dared to bring another cat into their home. There is much hissing and growling going on. Bella seems to be taking it all in stride. She just sits there regally, eye brows raised like she's just witnessed a major social faux pas and she can't quite believe it. I expect the hissing to continue for about a week. (That's how long it took Mason and Dixon to get used to Magellan and Sebastian). I'm letting her take things slow, exploring as she sees fit, but so far, nothing seems to rattle this cat. She takes everything in stride. Which, I suppose, is a pretty good quality to have in an explorer.No no, she's not going for the pirate look. The green and white striped thing is a stuffed mouse that I had put on her head in a fit of silliness. Not only does she tolerate it, but she still manages to look cute! I tell you, the mouse-on-the-head look will be all the rage this season in Paris.


tootie said...

Cute cat! I like the name Bella, and I think it suits her.

Melanie said...

She's beautiful!!!! I can't believe you have 5 now. It makes me think I should have more than 1. I've been cracking up reading all these recent cat posts, mostly because I know exactly what you mean!

danielle said...

Yay for more kitties! Kenny and I are searching for a cat or two to make our apartment cozy. Although, with the most awesome of all cats at my house in TN, we have very high expectations. I'm afraid that we'll get a cat here and then she'll just be like all blah and I'll hate her because she's not Kimchi. Isn't that awful? But we'll see.
Bella is the only siamese cat I've ever seen and thought, wow, that cat really is pretty!