Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow! Okay, Still Hair Today

For all one of you who was curious about how things turned out with the haircut yesterday:
  • No bangs, faux or otherwise.
  • Long layers (apparently these control volume...who knew?) I did ask her to keep them long enough to ensure proper hair behavior during ponytail time.
  • Shorter pieces in the front to frame my face.
  • A tiny trim to shape up the ends.

She did take the time to blow it dry and flat iron it straight, which, considering the hour it took her, I will not be doing on a regular basis Thankyouverymuch.

(Although I do like how it looks when it's straight).

(Not to mention really shiny).

She did a pretty passive-aggressive sell for buying some salon shampoo and conditioner and straighter and smoother and shine serum, but I ignored it. (For $85 a bottle, that shampoo better be solving world hunger or something). Pet Peeve Time: It annoys me to death to be trapped in a chair while a woman with sharp scissors tries to do a hard sell on me for hair products. If I want them, I'll ask for them. Used car salesmen and timeshare pushers could learn a thing or two from this woman. The classier the salon, the worse they are about it too.

Anyway, fancy products or not, she gave me a great cut. I was really pleased with the result.

What do you think? My hair looks pretty good if I do say so myself. You should feel free to say so also.


rediscovery said...

You look HOT!

My stylist is really good about not selling products. They're over there on the shelf if I want them, but she has NEVER tried to sell them to me. For that, I am thankful! And I do use a straightener, but I only spend about 45 minutes getting ready in the morning,so IF it took me an hour just to straighten it, you could forget about it.

Melanie said...

Oooooh, it is an awesome haircut! Love it!

Quirky said...

Thank you! Thank you! This is the first time I've gone to this particular salon, so maybe the hard sell is just for first time clients...who knows? I do have an appointment to go back on Friday for some highlights though. We'll see how that turns out.

Stephanie said...

You take the best self-pics. Mine are always weird. Hair looks great!! I look forward to seeing it curly, too. What kind of highlights are you going for? I liked the reddish brown you did several years back.

Mary Ellen said...

hey hey! pretty pretty!!! Wish I got to see you on Thanksgiving!

Momma Quirk said...

You look even better in person! Awesome hair makes the awesome haircut.