Bella gets into the holiday spirit a little early. (And with a present that wasn't hers).

I was just walking by and it ripped open all by itself, I swear!


Tater Mama said...

Merry Christmas! Love the picture of Bella! So sorry I haven't commented in a while. Back to work and all that jazz... Still reading, though!

I'll ask Tater Daddy where he got the glasses and find out what/whose they are. I'm sure he got them at the optometrist's office.

Hope your Christmas Day is wonderful. I just got finished "helping" Santa. Until we had children, I had no idea how much work fell upon the Mama Elf. :)

Kat - LA Blogger Gal said...

It happens - LOL. I happen to love the look of innocence. We were safe this year, but mostly only because we didn't have a tree or gifts laying about.