Bella's First Christmas

Bella is very frustrated.

First her people brought in a tasty and delicious tree with fabulous smells all over it and put it in the middle of the living room. (Not only is it tasty, but it is tall and provides the perfect cover for ambushing her brothers). Then her people put a little bird-person with ribbons all over it and real feather wings at the very top as a primo kitty prize for climbing said tree. Then they covered the entire tree with kitty toys and shiny kitty balls, just perfect for batting and chasing.

But can Bella play with the shiny kitty balls or the hanging cat toys or the little bird-person perched on top of the delicious tree? NOOOOO!

Bella is not allowed near the tree. In fact, the Kitty Deterrent 3000 is guarding the tree, and Bella has been sprayed several times in her attempts to sneak in the tiniest swat or nibble.

Her people are so mean! Why bring in such a wonderful snack covered in toys if they do not want her to play with it?!? Why let the little bird-person sit way up there and mock her when Bella knows full well just how tasty those white feathery wings would be? Why is it automatically Bella's fault when her people come home and the bottom three feet of the tree have been de-ornamented? Have you ever heard of anything so unfair?!?

Poor Bella. So mistreated. So unloved. Such a frustrating time of year to be a cat.


smc said...

You know, it's funny: this year the cats are completely uninterested in the tree. No one has pulled down any ornaments, no one has jumped into the boughs. I guess my cats are the equivalent of 18 year olds; you actually have to force them to wake up to open presents.

Quirky said...

The other cats could care less too. (Well, about the ornaments anyway...they have succumbed to a little taste of pine needles here and there). Maybe its just because she's never seen a Christmas tree before. Maybe it's just because she's still so young. Maybe she just likes to hear me bellow her name several times a day.