Bloggy Spring Cleaning

Don't freak out! It's still Quirky is a Compliment! I've just been messing with the design. Spring cleaning of the blog, if you will. In addition to changing the design, I've made some stuff easier to locate (see home, about me, email, RSS feeds and reader favorites up at the top) and removed some clutter from the side columns. I'm still tweaking things here and there, (like fonts and the comments...AGAIN), but hopefully the new look will be easier to read and navigate.

Edited to add: Comments are back up again, although I'd like to point out that the little clicky-dohickey is up at the top of the post (right under the title) as opposed to at the bottom. Please make a note of it.

Edited again: I just managed to create (after about two hours of playing with designs) a little purple Q favicon (the little picture next to the web address in the browser bar) for your viewing and bookmarking enjoyment. Can everybody see it? I know it works in firefox, but I haven't checked it in any other browsers.