Apple Juice. It's All Good.

Well, we had our week 12 doctor's appointment today. And although there is some discrepancy on exactly when the first trimester ends (12 weeks? 13 weeks? 12.5 weeks?), I'm going to go ahead and claim that we have successfully completed it, because I can already tell that my baby is an over-achiever. (It's in the genes).

Anyway, Sesame Seed (which Tony refuses to call him/her, btw. He refers to SS as "the baby" because "it is NOT a seed!") is doing very well, although s/he was not interested in cooperating with the ultrasound technician AT ALL! We spent roughly 30 minutes poking and prodding to get him/her to flip over for measurements. SS did a lot of arm and leg kicking, but no rolling. Finally, the tech gave me some apple juice to drink because the sugar makes them very active. Well, let's just say active is an understatement! I was still swallowing the last of the juice when SS sprung into action with a series of flips and rolls and jazz hands. (Seems s/he REALLY likes apple juice). It makes me wonder what it did to the poor kid last night when I had that bite of chocolate cake.

The ultrasound tech was really good. I think she could tell that I was a first time mom-to-be (maybe because I spent the entire time going, "Does that look normal? Is everything okay? It looks cramped in there. Is there enough room? Is he feeling claustrophobic?") so she gave us a ton of photo printouts to distract me.

These are my favorite shots. The first one is where SS is just laying back, chillin', with his hands behind his head. (12 weeks, and the living is easy).

The second one is mid-roll, although I like the way he's looking down like, "Huh. I have toes! When did that happen?"