Bye Bye Clothes

Hmm. Ya'll, I may have discovered a down side to this pregnancy thing.

I mean besides the nausea and bloating and super-sniffer, which I have pretty much become resigned to having FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

No, I mean it has just occurred to me that I'm going to miss out on some really cute fall clothing.
(And if you know me and my non-existent relationship with fashion, you have no idea how weird it is that I just typed that.) But it's true! For the first time in sweet forever, the season is overrun with cute fall clothes! And I'm going to miss them!

See, I was digging through a bunch of stores yesterday, looking for a summer robe (which is apparently a figment of my imagination because NOBODY has light-weight summer robes, which really makes me wonder just what exactly the rest of you are lounging in while you read your blogs on Saturday mornings when it is already 900 degrees outside and that heavy fluffy winter robe just won't do. Hmm? HMM?). Anyway, the search for the holy grail of robes had led me through several stores, and while a light cotton tie-front garment with pockets remained elusive, I could not help but notice all the really really cute fitted fall jackets and tiny little vests and beautiful sweater dresses that BEGGED for me to pick them up and take them home.

And I had to tell them no. Because by the time it gets cool enough to wear those cute little fitted jackets and vests and sweater dresses, I will be in maternity wear. And I have yet to see a fitted motorcycle jacket in maternity.

Now don't get me wrong. I love being pregnant. And I love how comfortable maternity clothes are, even if I don't have the belly bump to completely warrant wearing them yet. But maternity wear will always look like a circus tent maternity wear, and it will never be all fitted and fall-ish and swishy. (Because pretty soon, I will not be fitted and fall-ish and swishy). And I'm okay with that. There will be other falls, and other times to be fitted and swishy, and not only will I be cute in them, but I will have a new baby to dress in fall swishy fun also.

But I do wish that the plaid peacoat with tailored waist and classy buttons would have waited a year or two to make its season debut so that I wouldn't have to look at it while I become roughly the size of the Hindenburg.

à la prochaine fois, my pretties. Promise me you'll wait.