Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Just so you know, my new favorite food is Cheerios. And Lance Cheese on Wheat crackers. (I'm not sure why you need to know this, or even why you would care, but I feel compelled to share). I wouldn't go as far as to call them a craving, because I'm not all "If I don't have a bowl of Cheerios right now someone is going to get hurt", but I have come to rely on them as foods that do not smell and do not upset the tummy-tums.

Oh my word, I just said tummy-tums. This kid is destroying my vocabulary and he/she isn't even here yet.

Anyway, I thought you might like an official baby update, just so you know who is behind the whole cracker and cheerios cuisine.

It's week 9, and Sesame Seed has officially graduated from embryo to fetus-hood, so of course we had an official portrait done to commemorate. (They grow up so fast!)

(See the little arm and leg waving in the air?)

The 9 week visit was great, and little SS is growing like a weed. S/he's now about the size of an olive, or a grape, or (my personal favorite) a gummy bear. (I like the gummy bear idea the best because gummy bears, like Sesame seed, have tiny arms and legs and faces, whereas grapes and olives are pretty featureless...Although I did have a dream a few weeks ago that SS was a purple gummy bear floating in the air next to me, and I was all like, "Sesame Seed! Get back inside! You're not supposed to be out here yet!" And he was all, "Can't catch me!" and ran away. So it's possible that I could be taking the whole gummy bear thing a little too seriously).

Speaking of arms and legs, you should have seen them waving like crazy on the ultrasound. It was like ultimate dance party in there! Kicking and flailing and waving and boogieing down like all get out. Mom said that obviously we have a new tiny hockey goalie in there practicing his saves, but to me it looked more like a Kung Fu movie. I hope s/he settles down before getting big enough for me to actually feel the movement, otherwise I'm going to be black and blue from the inside out.

Week 9 is such a fun week. All the essential body parts are here now, including eyes, nose, mouth, heart chambers, and even tiny little earlobes. (I'm sorry, but thinking about tiny earlobes makes me tear up every time). Sesame seed's tail is gone, and s/he's working on teeth buds. Now comes the growing and fine-tuning and the getting huge part.

And, of course, more Kung Fu.