It's Funny How One Little Plus Sign Can Change Everything

Hey, anybody else notice that the date is 8-9-1o? I love little things like that.

Thanks for your congrats and good wishes regarding yesterday's post. I love you guys. And don't worry, I'll try to keep the blog balanced between baby and non-baby stuff. I've seen more than a few good blogs dissolve from interesting posts into "the baby did this..." and "the baby did that..." (which is wonderful if it's your baby, but slightly less awe-worthy for those of us who don't have one and fail to see the magic of when your kid blows spit bubbles). On the other hand, I've seen some really well-done "Mommy Blogs" also, so I'm hoping that I can find a nice balance.

Here's the deal. I'll just answer some of the questions that have come up, and then we'll try to get back to some of our regularly scheduled programming. (I mean, you aren't missing much right now except for my all-encompassing, "Food? Take it away! TAKE IT AWAY!" nausea. And really, who wants to hear about that?) I'll keep you posted on the big stuff though.

I was surprised. Had no clue. Not a one. In fact, I never would have thought to even check except that I was getting ready to schedule my annual lady doctor visit and I was 15 days late (not unusual with me. I'm all over the board). But I knew that the first thing the Dr. would ask when I mentioned how late I was was I sure I wasn't pregnant. And I was sure I wasn't pregnant, but I took a home test just for proof.

That little blue plus sign was quite the shock.

So shocking in fact that I went straight to the store and bought a second test (a digital one this time, to make perfectly sure that it wasn't just that one test) and did it again. And sure enough, it immediately popped up, "Yes fool. You really are pregnant". I went to my lady doctor and she confirmed it with blood tests, gave me prenatal vitamins, and referred me to a specialist since I am considered a high-risk pregnancy (you know, the one kidney and all. One kidney for just me raised some eyebrows. One kidney for two of us they want to keep an eye on).

So far the hardest part about being pregnant is the mental parts. I just can't seem to absorb it. I totally get why it takes 40 need that time to wrap your head around it. Or at least I will. When I hit the ancient age of 30, I guess I figured that having kids just wasn't in the cards for us. Now I'm happy, but I still don't really believe it either. I'm like Mom was when I told her...I keep waiting for someone to be all, "Just kidding!"

The good news is that two home tests, two blood tests and one ultrasound usually don't kid around.