Update To Cat Psychics

Well you were right most beloved and brilliant readers. I took Mason to vet this morning to discuss his "behavior ish-uhs" and a 100 smackaroos later, it turns out that he's probably just picking up on the pregnancy and acting out because of it.

I totally didn't even realize that he would know what was going on, but the vet says they do. Animals are very sensitive to hormone changes, and they probably knew something was up even before I did. As a matter of fact, the kitty doc says that some animals are so sensitive to hormonal changes that male iguanas can even tell when their female owners are menstruating, and thus become very aggressive during that time. (Although I've gotta say, if I had an iguana get all snippy with me during my time of the month, I'd have some new lizard skin shoes before long. PMS? I'll show you PMS, you stupid reptile).

Anyway, the good news is that Mason is physically fine. The bad news is that he's just a neurotic little fur ball who is having mood swings because of my pregnancy. The vet gave us some kitty Valium to try to mellow him out some while he deals with all his hormonal changes.

The little nut job.