Who Has Two Thumbs And Is a New Aunt?

Congratulate me. I am now officially an aunt. Tony's sister delivered a healthy baby girl this weekend, making me the latest addition to the cool aunt club. Baby M was a delightful 7 lbs 9oz, and while there was some initial resistance to vacating her one room studio, I am happy to report that both Mom and baby are doing fine.

Tony and I went by the hospital to see her yesterday. I know people say that all babies are beautiful, but the truth is, sometimes they aren't. (That's right. I said it.) Sometimes they look like monkey children or old men. But I am happy to report that Baby M isn't one of those babies. She really is beautiful. Big eyes and a little nose and the cutest mouth you ever saw. She's two days old and already a looker. (Her daddy is going to be in so much trouble).

Anyway, we didn't stay too long, but we pop in to personally give our congratulations and coo over our new niece.

Me: So is she a good eater?
Tony's Sister: Yeah, she did really well today. She-
Tony: Hey cool! This room has movies on demand! What kind of titles do you get?

Okay so one of us cooed over our niece. I'm sure the other one will get there eventually. The important thing is that she's here and I am officially beginning my campaign for the title of Most Awesome Aunt Ever.

Welcome to the world, Baby M.