It's The Final Countdown!

da-da-DAH-dah! DA-DA Dah Dah-dah!

(What? That's my attempt at synthesized keyboard sounds. You're welcome, fans of the 80's band Europe).

Anyway. It's March! It's March! Y'all simply have no idea how happy this makes me. I've been waiting on March since last July. Do you have any idea how long that is? It's like waiting on a package from the UPS guy to come, only instead of putting in a tracking number and getting, "Your package is in a regional sorting facility in Topeka", I get weekly updates like, "Your amniotic fluids look normal. That'll be a $40 copay". So yeah. The anticipation has been killing me. But this is the month! Baby Girl will be a March birthday! (At least she BETTER be a March baby! If she goes into April, I may have to shoot her).

But I'm guessing March, and I thought it might be fun to open up a little birthday pool kind of deal on here for anyone who wants to try to guess the exact day. Winner will receive a lovely commemorative birth announcement to hang on their fridge.*

Sound like fun? Just pick a day and leave it in the comment section. And to make sure that we're all on a level playing field with access to the same information, here are some helpful hints:

  • Baby Girl is, and is likely to remain, breech. That means that while the doctors will wait for labor to begin naturally, they'll take her via c-section as soon as it starts. That also means no adding in an additional 16 hours of labor time. Once water breaks and/or contractions begin, we're off to the races. Of course, she could always execute a last minute somersault and assume blast-off position on her own, but they don't think so.

  • I take the last of my P17 shots this Sunday. For those of you not in the know, P17 is a progesterone shot that prevents contractions from organizing and sending me into premature labor. (Think of P17 as the union buster at the contractions plant. There's still the occasional rumble, but P17 is the one who keeps tearing the meeting notice sheets off the peg board in the break room). However, now that I'm no longer considered premature, P17 has been transferred to another plant and rumbles can continue unimpeded. The question is, how long will it take my uterus to notice?

  • The doctors don't want to go past 39 weeks, which is through the 28th. If we haven't started labor on our own before then, they'll schedule the c-section for me. So you probably don't want to be guessing April 12th or anything.

  • There's a full moon on the 20th. Not only that, but it's the spring equinox, which means it will be the biggest, closest full moon of the year. Not sure how much stock you put in Baby Girl being affected by the tides, but I'm throwing it out there just in case.

  • Finally, exactly 50% of the people I talk to think I have "dropped", and the other 50% think that Baby Girl is still riding high. This being my first baby, I'm not really sure what to expect. Your guess is as good as mine.

Speaking of my guess, I'm going with the 19th of March. My mom has picked the 15th, Tony's mother the 17th, Dad the 20th, Seester the 22nd, and Tony the 23rd. What's your guess? What day do you think Baby Girl will decide to grace us with her presence?

*Open to valid US residents only, no purchase necessary to win, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping and sleep deprivation.