A Little of This, A Little of That

Hola Internets!
I thought I'd drop in to give you an update on the tree situation, as well as a Mother's Day recap and any other random things that happen to pop up while I'm typing.

First off, Mother's Day.  It was very nice despite it being all gray and rainy outside, and sleepless and cranky inside (someone who will remain nameless is teething.  She won't let me see for sure, but I'm thinking the dreaded one year molars.  Suffice it to say, it is a whiny time in the House of Quirk right now...and I don't care how many times Tony tells me to knock it off).  But Tony and ZB gave me a lovely necklace with ZB's name and baby footprint etched into it.  Apparently you scan a copy of the hospital footprint and send it to the company, and they use it to make a tiny replica of your baby's print.  (Or in ZB's case- her giant one).  It makes me smile every time I see it.  Total Mother's day score on that one!

In unrelated news, can I just say how totally bummed I am that Fox is taking the show The Finder off of the air?  (Or took, as the case may be, because I just learned that the season finale was it for the show).  Seriously Fox?!?  I actually LIKED that show!  It wasn't just a carbon copy run-of-the-mill police drama, or medical drama, or (heaven forbid) cheesy reality show.  It had some good one liners, and while it felt like the characters were still finding themselves, I thought the show had potential.  BAD FOX! BAD!  At least give me an epilogue that tells me what happens to everyone!  You can't just leave Willa hitch-hiking by the side of the road!

Speaking of TV, has anyone else seen the preview commercial for Underworld Awakening?  

I haven't seen the movies, and I know nothing about them, which is probably why whenever the previews come one and I hear the line where the main character says, "In the endless war between vampires and lykins...", I always think of this:

Now, I'm probably not the movie's target audience so this "endless war" doesn't really make sense to me, but if I had to guess, I'd put my money on the lichen, because the thought of an algae/fungus combo laying the smack down on the blood-sucking undead cracks me up every time.

Finally, I'm sure you're all dying to get an update about our whole "tree or not to tree" question.  Sure enough, the tree guy came back out last Thursday and was like, "So what's it going to be?"  I cannot tell you how hard this decision has been for me.  It totally consumed my every waking thought for a week and a half.    I went back and forth and back and forth roughly 400 times a day.  And I can't express to you how much I appreciated all your comments and suggestions.  So in the end I decided that the reason that the decision was so hard was because as much as I liked the idea of a small flowering tree, I just couldn't imagine our yard without at least the pin oak in it.  For better or worse, it is a main part of what makes the yard what it is.  So I'm splitting the difference and cutting down the regular oak and keeping the pin oak.  By cutting just one down I can solve the crowding problem and let a little light in for at least half of the grass while still keeping a mature fixture in the yard.  And after talking to the tree guy about just how much they'll cut off the pin oak, I think I can shape it up a little bit on the other side to balance it out and keep it from looking so weird.  So that's that.  As soon as I signed the official paperwork, I instantly felt 100 times better.  The pretty tree is saved, the yard will look brighter and more balanced, and I still get one flowering dogwood as a replacement.  So thank you, beloved Internets.  You have saved a tree and helped me out once again.

The Pin Oak is giving you a standing slow clap.