Economic Reduction

I know everyone’s been talking about the economy lately, but in truth, it hasn’t really affected my day to day life. Sure, gas prices are a pain, and groceries have gotten more expensive, but I still have my home, and my job, and enough money that I don’t have to worry about going without. My stocks are all over the place, but I’m not anywhere close to retirement, so I figured that they would level out and return to normal long before I needed them. The economy is one of those things you hear about but didn’t really hit that close to home.

It hit today.

One of my good friends has just been downsized out of a job. They told her this morning. She’s hurt, and she’s scared, and she’s a single-income household, so she needs to find a new job fast before she loses everything. I hurt for her.

I guess what surprised me was the shock that in an instant, she went from secure in riding out this recession to suddenly very in danger. And if it can turn that fast for her, it can for anyone. I’m not going to worry about losing my job…it’s a possibility, but worrying wouldn’t change anything. What will be will be and all that. But it does make me suddenly very aware that nothing is guaranteed.

If ya’ll get a chance, throw some prayer my friend’s way. She’s strong, so she’ll bounce back, but it’s scary for her right now.