Rafting Pictures

I finally got the Whitewater rafting pictures back! There are a ton of them so I put them in slideshow form, but I wanted to put some on here as teasers.

Here's our motley crew: Me, Tony, two friends from work, and their significant others. Also a significant other's mother and sister. A valiant group if ever I've seen one.

Here I am sitting in the back, apparently singing. Or screaming. It's hard to tell really.

Also, see those feet stuck up in the air? Yeah, that's Tony. See how much fun he's having?
All this and more on the slideshow.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Looks like so much fun!

smc said...

HA! That's the best shot of Tony's legs I have ever seen. Were you bounced out of the raft this trip?

Quirky said...

We managed to stay in the raft the entire time. We did have another member of our party go "swimming" though. That was fun.

David Deland said...

Yeah, it really looked like you had so much fun in that boat. And LOL @ you, "apparently singing. Or screaming." I think you looked like you were singing rather than screaming. Hehe. Also, the people you love made the experience more enjoyable. As they say, more is always merrier.