Chilly Mornings and Other Blue Things

Well, it’s officially cold. I had to wear a jacket this morning. (Sigh). I knew this would happen…it happens every year. You think I would have come to expect it by now, but it always surprises me. So much of the time, Knoxville is hot. It starts about late March and ends around late October. I love the warmth. I’m a warm weather girl, and the thought of waking up to cold weather makes me groan. Reason number 1 why we don’t live above the Mason Dixon line.

As a matter of fact, I was late to work today because it was toasty warm under the covers and the slightest bit chilly outside. I hate that part. It’s hard enough rolling out of bed anyway, but to do it knowing that it’s going to be cold? No thank you. So I burrowed in deeper instead of getting up, and it made me a couple minutes late. The temperature was one in the low 40s this morning when I finally staggered out of my comforter cocoon, and while that may not seem cold to you Northerners, it was brisk enough to get me grumbling. Maybe I’m part bear. I certainly seem to have the hibernation instincts. And no one would expect a bear to get up and brave the cold to come to work. Or at least, no one would have the guts to tell that to a bear anyway.

It’s also my first hot chocolate day of the year today. I’m not a coffee drinker, so in the summer months I usually just stick to water or milk for breakfast. But it’s cold today, and I just can’t seem to get my fingers warm, so I made hot chocolate. Mostly so that I could just hold on to the cup. I’m going to have to pick up some fat free instant mix though. What with the increased chocolate intake and the desire to hibernate, the winter padding sneaks its way back onto my thighs in record time.

On the flip side, the sudden change in temperature has me giddy with anticipation of Christmas lights. At the end of the season last year, I picked up several strands of practically free Christmas lights, and I’m excited about getting the decorations up this year. This year’s Christmas theme will be (of course) blue and the bluer the better. We will once again, be the blue house with the blue lights and the blue wreath and the blue giant ornaments. I CANNOT wait.

Just call me Bear in the Big Blue House.


Mary Ellen said...

ha! great ending! love it!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Now I want hot chocolate...