Wordless Tuesday: Balloon Edition

So as promised, here's part 2 of our fabulous Saturday! After the bike ride, we rested up a bit and then headed over to the Hot Air Balloon Festival! I'm going to try to let the pictures speak for themselves instead of yakking on and on about everything we did. Put on some soothing music and enjoy this photo story.

Okay, I have to interrupt here with a little bit of an explanation. Once it was dark, all the balloons lined up and would flash their burner-thingies on and off in time to music. It was REALLY neat. Like giant fireflies. So that's what the night pictures are about.

Okay one more interruption. I just wanted to point out how you can see the reflection of the balloon in the water of the pond. How cool is that!?! Okay, back to being wordless.

Me again. Don't you love this picture where all the balloons are all lit up together? It took me forever to get that shot! It was really just chance. Out of about 300 pictures, one of them was bound to get them all lit up together. Okay, carry on.

Boy, I'm really bad at this wordless thing. I almost didn't include this last shot but it was the only one with both of us together. Ignore the face I'm making and the fact that it's slightly out of focus and that it looks like I have multi-colored Micky Mouse ears on my head.

Ta-da! So that's my (not quite) wordless picture story of our Saturday. Not pictured, but definitely added to the fun-ness are the two bags of kettle corn that I consumed while watching the show. It really was a blast. I think we're going to make it an annual thing.
Maybe by next year I can actually work up to being wordless.


AZ Dog Mom said...

It is just me, or does it strike anyone else odd that you have this line of balloons in bright, varied colors and patterns, and then, plopped right now in the middle, is the Remax balloon?? It just looks, well, off, to me for some reason. Its the balloon that just doesn't fit into the crowd. The outsider. The rebel. Or the guy that just didn't get the memo....

Nice pictures, looks like you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Remax balloon also and started singing "one of these things do not belong here" until I realized I was (again) being politically incorrect. The call was for all hot air balloons and the poor slob who loves hot-air-ballooning but could only afford it by sporting a logo wanted to come, too. (I'm totally making this up because I feel sorry for the Remax balloon because you know EVERYONE is thinking why didn't it stay home and its owners wanted to have fun too and why are we always about exclusion?!)
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Momma Quirk

Quirky said...

I'm sure that the Remax guy gets to do a lot of ballooning since the balloon is their official mascot. I'm sure he travels all over the country doing hot air balloon festivals. Sure he's the boring bland balloon but he's also getting paid to be there. Talk about an office with a view.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Very nice... Looks like lots of fun...

I like your words.

Elaine A. said...

I love the pictures and of course your interjections!

We have a balloon festival here and the one time we tried to go it was too windy. Glad yours turned out ok!