Lunch By Any Other Name Is Still Lunch

The scene: My office
The back-story: My throat is a little sore today, so I decided to have a nice hot cup of beef bullion. I unwrapped the bullion cube.

Coworker 1: What’s that? Chocolate?
Me: Bullion cube.
Coworker 1: What?
Me: A bullion cube. For beef bullion.
Coworker 1: Beef what?
Me: bullion. You know, for flavoring? Tastes like beef…only cube shaped. You put it in hot water and it dissolves.
Coworker 2 (who has been listening in and decides to help): Kinda like instant lemonade, only beef flavored.
Coworker 1: (looks disgusted): Beef lemonade?
Coworker 2: (Nods seriously) Beef-ade.
Coworker 1 looks shocked at the idea while Coworker 2 somehow manages to keep a completely straight face.
Me (attempting to salvage the conversation): Soup broth! It’s like soup without any noodles or anything…just the broth.
Coworker 1: Ah! I get it! That sounds a whole lot better than beef-ade. (Glares at co-worker number 2).
Coworker 2: (deadpans) Also known as beef juice. Either way.
Coworker 1: (looking thoughtful) Huh.

This is about the time that I laughed and accidentally snorted “beef juice” (or beef-ade…either way) up my nose and into my sinuses. Not the best way to make your throat feel better, but funny all the same.


Missy said...

LOL! Thanks I needed a good laugh! :-)

Erin said...

Oh that is hilarious!

db said...

I used to get a glass of chipped ice from our ice maker in the fridge door and a beef bullion cube. I would put a small chip of ice on my tongue and pop in the bullion cube. I would suck on both, shoving another piece of ice in until the cube was gone. It was fabulous and tasted best in front of Law&Order episodes in the summer between school years.

Sadly, my period was last week. So, I'm just genuinely, un-hormonally out of control. And, as the above comment proves, I'm a total weird-o.

Jean said...

OK DB made me laugh..cause that's an interesting method of using a beef cube.
Secondly the thought of beef-ade made me laugh.
Hope you get to feeling better!

Reluctant Housewife said...

You even have quirky coworkers. Way to stick to a theme.

I'm really missing my exclamation point. Stupid chocolate ovaltine.