Not Rain Nor Sleet Nor Coughs And Sniffles Will Keep Us From Our Appointed Fun

Tony and I have colds. He picked it up from someone at work and promptly shared it with me. (Such a sweetheart). As soon as I felt it coming on, I went on the cold offensive and promptly ate my body weight in Vitamin C. I’m not sure if that works, but like the popular girls faced with the school nerd, I’m determined to ignore said cold until it gives up and goes away.

We both need to get over these colds fast because I have planned another exciting and engaging day of fun for Saturday, and I am determined that we are going to enjoy it. We, in the latest installment of what Tony calls “Forced Fun”, are going white-water rafting. I am stoked. Tony is less enthusiastic.

I try to make it a point to go white-water rafting every year, as evidenced by these pictures here. I figure that if we’re blessed enough to live so close to class 3, 4, and 5 rapids, then we have a moral obligation to sit in an inflatable raft and bounce our way down the river. Tony does not share this opinion however, and has always begged off on trips.

When a co-worker offered us two free (FREE!) seats to raft to Ocoee this year, I decided that it was a sign from the Heavens that we needed to go on this trip. And so I ran home to tell Tony all about our exciting opportunity.

“No thank you”, he replied.

It seems that Tony does not like rafts. Or rivers. Or rocks. Or water splashing on him. I pooh-poohed all of that. He just does not understand the fun that he’s missing. He pointed out the less-than-enjoyable (for him…I loved it) kayaking trip. Rafting is nothing like that, I told him. Sure, there’s a boat, and paddles, and water, but other than that, completely different! He was not convinced, but being the loving and wonderful husband that he is, agreed to suffer through the trip for me. (Normally I would feel all guilty for forcing him to do something that he doesn’t want to do, but I just know that once he gets out there, he’ll love it! Besides, he needs his horizons broadened, and nothing broadens horizons like a rapid named “Bone Crusher”. I think it will be good).

So colds or no, we’re going white-water rafting. The high for the day is only going to be eighty, so the morning might be a little chilly invigorating, but I’m sure the adrenalin will keep us warm. We also have to meet up at 7:15 am (yak! Barf! Boo!) but that’s only to ensure that we have plenty of raft time all the way down the Ocoee.

All I have to do now is figure out how to keep our fun-enhancing stash of Vitamin C and Kleenex from getting wet.

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tootie said...

Haha! I think my husband can relate to yours - I subject mine to "forced fun," too.

I hope you are feeling better - and I like the new colors!