Just So You Know...

Warning: Just so you know, if your husband gets the Glade plug-in that smells like pine tree and puts it upstairs, and the Glade plug-in “Winter Night” downstairs, the two scents will mingle in the living room to the point that you will SWEAR that the cat that is sleeping on your stomach while you watch TV is wearing Old Spice cologne. And that will be very strange indeed, because no one in your house has any cologne, much less Old Spice. And it will cause much sniffing of the cat, who will be very confused at your bizarre behavior. And you will yell up the stairs, “Honey? Is that cat wearing Old Spice?” and your husband will yell “Is he wearing WHAT?!” back down, and now there will be even MORE confusion, because why would a cat be wearing cologne, even if he could somehow get a hold of some? (And why Old Spice specifically, which evokes memories of middle-aged used-car salesmen circa 1986, and not kitty cat, even if they both seem to have the same about of body hair). And it will only be after about 10 minutes of sniffing the cat, the couch, and the corners of the room that you will realize that the smell is not emanating from the cat directly, but really a bizarre combination of the air fresheners from the “Holiday” collection. And while you will feel great relief that the cat has not decided to enhance his toilet with men’s personal fragrance products, that relief will not stop the whole Old Spice whistle-jingle from circulating through your brain for the rest of the night because now your entire HOUSE smells like an Old Spice commercial.

Just so you know.

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kat said...

I will most definitely keep this in mind. Especially since 1) not a fan of Old Spice, 2) the cat would surely kill me if I kept sniffing him, and 3) it would more than likely drive the dog crazy as well and insanity will likely ensure. No thanks! I will heed your warning.