Bar Fight? My Hair Will Take. You. Down.

I just wanted to pop in and tell you about this awesome ruffled motorcycle jacket I saw the other day. Normally, I am more motorcycle jacket than ruffle, (it is my deepest darkest wish to have a motorcycle...specifically the Ducatti 848, but I'd be willing to take a Suzuki Sportbike too if Tony wouldn't freak), but I have to admit that I like the certain feminine charm that this ruffle exudes. Because it's important to have something that says "I'm still a girl even though I'm whacking people upside the head with a pool cue in this biker bar".

And even though I like the jacket, I probably wouldn't have given it a place on the blog except for one thing: the model's hair. Do you see this girl's hair? The wavy, highly um...volumized hair? The hair that looks like if you were in fact wearing that jacket in a biker bar, the hair would actually be the one doing the pool cue swinging?

That is my hair, people.

In its natural state, doing what it pleases, that is exactly what my hair would choose to do. And while it is my fiercest desire to actually have the hair of the other model wearing this jacket (go on, click the little thumbnail), this first girl's hair is actually the hair twin of my own, color notwithstanding (mine is mousy brown). Now, I have always thought that having hair of this...this magnitude was a bad thing. All my life, I have called it the bedhead/rat's nest/struck by lightning look, and for me, poofier is not better.

But now I am confused, because apparently Nordstrom, (who is rumored to know something about looking fashionable), has deliberately taken a picture of this poor girl with her hair like that, and have now posted it on the Internet like it was a good thing.

Is this a good thing, Internet people?

Please tell me if this is, in actuality, a desirable hair style, because I'm afraid that I have been battling against this very thing for so long that I may be blinded by my prejudice against it. Is the big hair back? Should I step away from my smoothing serums and defrizzing creams and just let my poofy hair fly? Because if Nordstrom is indeed not smoking something, and this really is the future of hair fashion, then I am sitting on a hair gold mine. I can so do the poof. I have poof in spades.

Not to mention it'd be nice to be able to rely on my hair in case I ever got into a bar fight.


Aimee "Roo" said...

That is how your hair is? And your fighting against it? Oh deary, you need to embrace it because it is gorgeous!!

The jacket is cute too!

Quirky said...

But Aimee, the hair has overtaken her shoulders and is threatening to attack innocent bystanders! Shouldn't hair be sleek and smooth and well-behaved? All the hair commercials tell me that this is so. Granted, it would be much easier to give in and let the hair do it's thang, but I'm just not sure that I can embrace the "stuck my hand in a light socket" look. Not without therapy anyway.

danielle said...

Oh PUH-LEEEZ. I would LOVE to have some frizz, some body! I have tried volumizing spray and blow drying upside down and poofing with hair spray and still, 5 minutes after I walk out the door: straight. Like a stick. (Only not, because sticks have little twigs and stuff and I don't have any twigs. Oh, how I wish for some cute little curly twigs!). Seriously. Stop fighting your hair. I've given up fighting mine. Life is just easier when you let nature take it's course!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aimee and Danielle. Stop fighting your hair. Her hair is georgeous, your's should be too. My hair is like Danielle's--ridiculously straight, and I have never bothered trying to make it do something else because I know it will not work. The only time my hair gets even remotely not-straight is when I am by the beach and have not washed it, and that is too gross for me to try to do all the time. If you stop fighting your hair, you may grow to love it, or at least tolerate it. But the main thing that makes that girl look beautiful (besides that awesome coat) is the fact that she is confident with her hair.