New Moon

I saw the movie trailer for the New Moon, the next in the Twilight series today. Apparently it comes out November 20th, and all the Twilight fans are gearing up for it.

Here's the thing: I enjoyed the Twilight books just as much as everybody else- as a matter of fact, I have all of them sitting right here on my bookshelf, and I'll pick one up as a palate cleaner or a quick read between other books every now and again. And a year ago, I admit that I was all psyched up for the Twilight movie too.


The movie was "eh". I'll say it- I was disappointed. Just didn't do it for me. Now, to be fair, very very few movies can ever stand up to the book that it is based on, so perhaps I expected too much. (For me, a movie doesn't stand a chance against the written word). But even allowing for this, after seeing Twilight last year, I walked out of the theater going, "Well, scratch the rest of the Twilight movies off of my list...they just can't do it justice". And that was that.


Oh, the trailer makes it look good, doesn't it? Very exciting and dramatic and hoo-boy that Jacob Black certainly grew up nicely. (The fact that he spends most of his time running around sans shirt doesn't hurt either). And the fight scenes! I don't recall Edward getting into a WWF match with the Volturi in the book, and I hate when movies take liberties that weren't there with the original story, but all the same it looks very suspenseful.

So I'm torn. On the one hand, New Moon was my least favorite of all the books, AND movies are always lousy when compared to the books, AND judging from the first Twilight movie, I'm just going to be annoyed with it. But on the other does look kinda exciting, doesn't it?

I guess we'll just have to see.

So how about you? Are you a Twilight fan? Will you be going to see it next month? You only have 44 days to decide!

(PS- if truth be told, I think my veeeery favorite of the Meyer books was actually The Host...while I like the Twilight characters, I love The Host's plot twists. That one just never gets old. And I was very excited to read that that one will also be hitting the silver screen at some point. That one I'll definitely attend).


Melanie said...

I was disenchanted with the first movie, too. I'd like to see the new one, but I'll probably wait until I can watch it for $1 from the Red Box.

Quirky said...

I think I'm with you there Melanie. If it stinks, I'll be less angry with it if I just watch it in my home as opposed to going to the theater.

I will say one thing for the first movie though. I did enjoy the music. I added several songs from the soundtrack to my personal collection, and I have developed an attachment to Muse because of it. I have several of their albums now.

If nothing else, here's hoping that New Moon keeps with the good music.

Natalie said...

Loved the books, didn't care for the movie. I hate the actor choices for the characters. I hate the acting. New Moon was probably my least favorite of the entire season, but I'm hoping they're going to do a better job with this movie. Especially since it has a much bigger budget than the first. We'll see.
And I'm going to see it in the theaters with my friends who are also huge Twilight fans.. and mom's. We'll be the ones in "I love Edward" shirts the teenagers are laughing at.

Natalie said...

And I also agree about the music.. Great soundtrack.

Quirky said...

Did anyone else notice that in the first movie all the actors made this kind of short huffing kind of noise after almost every line? Bella and Edward were the worst about it, but they all did it! Line, huff. Line, huff. Line, huff. Made me crazy! Here's hoping that they stop that for this next movie.

Natalie- totally jealous of your Edward t-shirts. Tony has already told me that he refuses to wear his. So much for us matching. :-)

Nicole said...

While I enjoyed the books, I'm not quite the fan most people are. I don't think I'll be reading them again. I difinitely thought the book was way better than the movie. I agree with y'all about the acting and stuff, but i'll probably go see it in theaters, just because I love going to the theater (and my sister will drag me to see it).

Really Long Replier (sorry!!) said...

Yeah, I liked the series too...for a whole. Then I took a break between the third and fourth book and I was just like "meh." I mean, they were really catchy and everything, but it seemed to me like none of the characters really developed. I watched the first movie with great skepticism (rather than expectations), so I wasn't too let down (although I was secretly hoping it would be better than it was), and if I watch the other movies, I will probably go in with the same attitude. If I watch New Moon, it will only be to make fun of it...

I still haven't read The Host yet. I am not sure if I want to because I am worried I won't like it and that it will totally let me down on my impression of Stephenie Meyer, rather than the partial letdown I feel now. I am a firm believer that the Twilight series should have remained a trilogy (with maybe a different ending to the third book, but NOT with Bella becoming a vampire).