If Music be the Food of Love, Then Add it to my Playlist

I was going through my song collection on the computer last night for the express purpose of getting rid of all of those 2 second bings and bongs and whatnot that Windows uses as alerts but that WMP continually collects because it thinks they are songs and therefore clutters up all my playlists with random bell sounds and honking, and I found all these great songs that I've completely forgotten about.

(Yes, I know. WHOPPER of a run on sentence. English teachers everywhere shudder).

But back to the songs. I found all these fabulous songs that I loved a few years ago but for whatever reason quit listening to as new songs were added. It wasn't a conscious action...they just kinda slipped quietly into my media player background and, like the one hit wonders they mostly represent, I had completely forgotten about them. It turns out that songs are classic for a reason though, and after a quick listen though memory lane, I still like them. (Well, most of them anyway...there were a few that I was like, eh, jumped the shark.)

(Do people still say jumped the shark? I think jumped the shark has jumped the shark).

But back to the songs. They're like good song retro weekend on the radio, only in this case "retro" is roughly 1998 since it was mostly my "I can't believe they let me loose on campus" playlist. For instance, right this moment I have FNT from Semisonic playing, which, as it turns out, is still a fairly catchy song. What's that? You need a listen for old times sake?

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Plus, if I'm not mistaken, (and I may be since I'm too lazy to look it up), I think this song is also in that movie 10 Things I Hate About You, which still holds a special place in my heart due to Heath Ledger dancing down the bleachers singing "You're Just To Good To Be True" while the marching band plays.

Cinematic gold, my friends, cinematic gold.

But just in case your tastes run a little more modern, I've also just recently discovered Bye Bye Bye by Plants and Animals. Yes, I'm a little late because it came out last year and all, but still...a catchy song in and of itself, yes? It was playing in the background during the most recent episode of Chuck, and I missed all of the dialogue (twice!) because I was busy listening to the song. (You know how songs just jump out at you some times?) So here's this one too. It almost has a classic rock feel to it, doesn't it?

I had to run (well not run, more like click) over to Amazon and purchase it immediately because it is catchy like the swine flu, my friends. I CANNOT get it out of my head. Plus somehow, it seems to go nicely with FNT from earlier. So I have them both nestled together in my latest playlist, (which I have entitled Found Awesomeness), and will most certainly NOT be lost to annals of Windows Media Player like its 1998 predecessor.

Even though it doesn't quite have the sticking power of windows 1 second doorbell noise.