Baby Update: Week 22

22 week ultrasound yesterday, and as an added treat, we were able to use the 3D machine. Now personally, I don't really get the fascination with the 3D ultrasounds. I've never seen a picture where the baby didn't look like some kind of lumpy baked potato. (And sure enough, my little darling is no exception. Although she's the cutest little baked potato I've ever seen). On the other hand, you spend five and a half months submerged in fluid and see if you don't look a little starchy yourself.

The good news is that she's perfectly healthy and behaving herself in there. She's weighing in at about a pound now (which means that these other 9 pounds that I've gained are mine. Humph) and all her measurements are within the norm.

Another 4 or so months of cooking and my little baked potato will be all set to come out of the oven.