7/12/07 Because Piercings are Forever

Last night was my weekly pilgrimage to walmart. (We usually go once or twice a week to pay homage to the low low prices). I was in the jewelry section, looking at a display of jewelry cleaner that would hopefully restore the shine to my silver without eating giant holes in it, when a lovely young couple approached the jewelry counter. (Normally, I wouldn't have paid any attention, but they stopped directly in front of the cleaner display in order to talk to the woman at the counter, so my brand by brand comparison was temporarily suspended). Anyway, this particular couple appeared to be early 20's, and had the distinction of being completely (and I mean completely) covered in tattoos and piercings. (Obviously followers of an alternative genre, looking to express their individuality and/or socio-political views. To each their own, I say). And since they were standing directly in front of all my potential bottles of cleaner, I got to overhear every word of their conversation to the lady at the jewelry counter. It appears that the happy couple had recently gotten engaged, and were looking for matching wedding piercings to profess their undying love. Yes, I said piercings. Not rings. Piercings. They were looking for "classy" matching piercings (because when I think of classy engagement piercings, I think of walmart). The piercings were for an as yet unnamed body part, and considering all the usual visible places were already filled, I shudder to think where else one can pierce to show eternal devotion for a loved one. I'll give the lady behind the counter credit. She listened with a completely straight face. She showed them all the usual assortments of bars and studs and hoops and chains while mentioning things like, "This one is a 14 karat gold plate with a turquoise inlay around the end of the barbell". The couple wanted to know if engraving was available. Surprisingly, it is. (Obviously walmart has decided that the niche market for engraved engagement body piercings is a good one). And so the blissful couple, having eyes only for each other and completely ignoring the woman behind them juggling 6 different types of jewelry cleaner, arranged to have their matching classy engagement piercings engraved and put on layaway. Love knows no boundaries.