More Adventures of Dad The Amazing Diving Geezer

Just in case you haven't gotten enough of Dad's diving (and really, can you ever really get enough?) here's one more interview with Dad The Amazing Diving Geezer! Channel 10 News, WBIR did their story on Dad last night. This one focused more on Dad's perseverance despite the fact that he's losing more body parts than a Mr. Potato head with leprosy. The spleen, then the knee, now both shoulders. Eventually, surgeons will just transform Dad into the 6 Million Dollar Man with all bionic parts.

There isn't catchy Freefalling music in this one, but there's more of Dad being interviewed, and you do get Dad's classic "It's not a roadblock, it's a speed bump" speech, which pretty much sums up Dad's view on any challenge (and also explains why he's still diving, even though any sane person would have quit while they still had some natural limb movement).

As you can hear in the video interview (or read in the article) Dad goes under the knife in a few weeks for both shoulders, so he'll be out of commission for a little while. We'll probably be seeing Dad The Amazing Diving Geezer back for the world championships next May though, so mark it on your calendars now.