Ohhhhh, I hab da allergies today. Dey are ib my dose, dey are ib my froat, dey are ib my sinuses. Soooo bad. Sniff. But I am a good employ-dee, so I came to work anyway. Sniff. My dose runs like a faucet. I thought adout stuffing da kleenex right ub both nostrils, but I didn't fink my co-workers would appreciate dat. I'm sure dey prefer da constant sniffing instead. And da sneezing. Sniff. And da watery eyes. Sniff.

And my dose? When I blow it, my sinuses make dis high-pidched screaming sound like "EEEEEEEEE" as de pressure moobes around my head. Other people cab hear it too. Very embarrassing. Sniff. My dose is all red and swollen. And I useb all my tissues already. And all my co-workers tissues. Sniff. And da roll of toi-det paper. Doeses do not like toi-det paper at all.



Mom of Quirky said...

Poor Baby!

smc said...

Better today, I hope?

E said...

A little better today. Only occasional sneezes and sniffs. And a new box of tissues.