I know, I know. The colors are all funky. I'm playing with the template. You'll probably see several variations before the final one is picked. My HTML is rusty at best, so if you see something that just doesn't work, or you want to weigh in on color options, be my guest.

What do you think about these color combos? I'm working on a custom quirky logo.

Maybe something like this?

Quirky is a Compliment


smc said...

Yellow too bright at the top!


Melissa~ said...

Hey! I just read your comment on my blog. You are so funny and sweet thanks for the compliment. I see you are already workin' on stuff over here, huh? Looks great!

You know I'm partial to the pink one...but...that's just me...*LOL*...

Pink Paper Peppermints

Quirky said...

Actually, I'm leaning towards the pink and yellow too. But then other times I'm leaning towards the blue and green one on top. And then OTHER get the idea. What I'm not digging right now are these current colors. Hang with me though. I'm not through yet!

Melissa~ said...

OH! Surfing around this morning( know...I'm *completely* caught up on everything on my to-do list....*choke*) and look what I found:

How To Do Fancy Things To Your Blogger Template

Thought of you as soon as I saw it. (She is one of my *fave* bloggers by the way - you will love her if you don't already)

K - that's all, your bloggie is looking so fresh and pink this morning! :)

Pink Paper Peppermints

smc said...

I like the swirly template you have up there right now.