10 on Wednesday

I meant to to do a 10 on Tuesday yesterday, but I forgot what day it was, so now we're doing 10 on Wednesday. You don't mind, do you?

1. It snowed today! We even had enough to cover all the grass when I left for work this morning. Of course, now that the sun is out, most of it has melted, but it has continued to flurry all day. You'd think this would scare people away from driving, but I think after the big Ice Storm fiasco, TDOT has been out salting every morning, just in case. Roads were crystal clear.

2. I've had an eye twitch in my left eye for the past three days, but I don't know why. Normally, the eye twitches as a response to stress, but I can't think of anything that I should be stressed about. Either the the eye knows something that I don't, or I've got some wires crossed somewhere. Stupid eye.

3. Speaking of body parts that are misbehaving, I've also noticed that my left thigh and glute muscles are really really sore. And like they eye, they have neglected to inform me as to the cause. I mean, it's not like I've gotten my lazy butt off the couch and actually done any kind of strenuous activity, so they have absolutely no reason to complain. And if by some miracle I did get up and exercise, wouldn't the right side be equally sore? I tell you, you turn 27 and suddenly everything runs amok.

4. The Seester has posted about her obsession with shoes. Apparently Mom and I both sent her the same birthday card about shoes, and it's got her wondering if she has "a shoe problem". I don't think the problem is the number of shoes...I think it's the kind of shoes that she collects. With the exception of the Heelys (Yes Virginia, they will break your neck) my shoes are pretty boring basic. Brown, black, white. Done. The Seester's shoes, by comparison, are red and purple polka-dot heels with feathers and bows and doodads and whatsits all over them. And here's the crazy thing! She can pull it off! If I tried to wear them, I'd look like I'd gotten stuck in a freakish version of Horton Hears A Who. But they work for her. It's her quirk. She loves them crazy shoes.

5. Speaking of the Seester, she graduates in June. Yours truly will be flying up to attend her graduation. Normally this would be booooooring with a capital Snore, but the Seester has announced that the special speaker is to be none other than...JK Rowling! How cool is that?! (I guess when you're Harvard, you can convince one of the most famous people on the planet to come talk to your graduating class). I'm very excited. I love the Harry Potter books, but beyond that, she just writes so well! And I'm going to be in the same room with her! I'm planning on bringing a poster that says "Write another book series!"

6. I couldn't have my Cheerios and banana today because I was out of milk...and bananas. (And despite what toddlers worldwide will tell you, it's impossible to choke down plain dry Cheerios). So instead I did a Chocolate Chunk Granola bar with a small apple. It wasn't bad actually. I don't know what it will do for my cholesterol, but it was a nice change of pace. In the interest of science, however, I'll pick up more milk and bananas tonight and continue the Cheerios test tomorrow.

7. Oops! The lisdexia strikes again. I just noticed that instead of "granola", I wrote "granalo". Good thing spell check is watching out for me.

8. I was playing around on the Internet just for fun, and I found a little tiny 2 person hot tub that would just so happen to fit very nicely in the corner of my basement. Sure, it's probably an impulse want, and I'm sure there are more practical things that I could spend my money on, but how much fun would it be to be able to read for hours and have the water never get cold? Or have jets that can soothe my mysteriously sore thigh muscles and ease my stress-induced eye twitch away? And I wouldn't need a huge one...just a basic, no frills, little 2 person portable hot tub would do. Tony will never go for it because he doesn't understand my constant need to soak, but it's fun to imagine.

9. I really like the new Ingrid Michaelson song, The Way I Am. I heard it again today on the radio on the way into work, and I've been humming it since. The clowns in the video kind of freak me out, but I like how real the lyrics are. There's no flowery notions of love here. This is a song about headaches and Rogaine and still being in love. Ingrid is now officially on my favorite music list.

10. I've been doing a version of 10 on Tuesday with Tony so that he will share things from his day that he wouldn't normally think to share with me. (Tony's not a talker by nature. He'll tell me only what I absolutely need to know and that's it. It's not that he doesn't like to's just that it doesn't occur to him that people want to know about unimportant things too. A master of small talk he isn't). So in the interest of torturing Tony as much as possible, I push him to do a daily 5. It makes him crazy, but he's getting there. Yesterday he told me 1) He went to the dollar store to get more jerky. 2) He picked up Dixon's medication refill. 3) The Blackhawks traded 2 players before the trade deadline. 4) Work was fine, and 5) He has to get off the phone because the cats want their dinner. His list consisted of only those five sentences and not a detail more. Bless his heart. He's so cute when he's trying to get out of having a conversation.

There you go. Unlike Tony, I had a whole bunch of random things to say, and I don't mind sharing. Not too bad for a Wednesday.


Mary said...

Beth I appreciate that you make Tony do a five!! Again one of the MANY reasons our entire family loves your blog is b/c we get a rare insight into big brother's life. so keep blogging sister!

Melissa~ said...

Ha! I'm gonna make everyone I know start doing a daily five! Think how much blog material that will make! *LOL*