Okay, I think I'm done tweaking (for right this second anyway), so...Welcome to the new and improved Quirky is a Compliment! (Version 2.0!) Isn't it pretty? I've decided to call it Sherbert Dreamsicle- Quirky style. I have to give props to Melissa over at Pink Paper Peppermints, who inspired me with her fabulous header picture, which I totally coveted. I told her as much, and instead of being all "don't talk to me, basic template loser", she was all "here's a helpful website link to help you out!" which was way cool. Standing O to Melissa!

Do not be fooled by all my new class and designer sophistication though. It wasn't hard at all. True, back in the day (those would be college days if you're wondering) I could write a mean HTML code, and looked down my nose at anyone who was unimaginative enough to snort! use a template! (I ran with an arty crowd full of graphic designers and webpage techies. Give me a break). But then we graduated, and all went our separate ways, and I didn't have the daily need to write code. And much like high school Latin, if you don't use it, you lose it. So when everybody's favorite quirky blog was born, I resorted to one of the preset Blogger templates that I had so detested years ago (and that, dear friends, is referred to as irony).

This is still based on a Blogger template (snapshot if you're wondering), but I've been able to tweak some things to really make it my own, which is cool. And best of all, it was all free!

I found my pink and yellow swirly picture (and the others listed in the post from yesterday) at 123 Royalty They sell images that designers and photographers create, but they also have a section for free stuff. You have to register, but it's free. Then just download the images you want. All of the ones I downloaded were from a designer called Alri.

If you want your own banner header, I recommend popping over to Mandarin Design to see several different ideas. If you want to skip the ideas and do the EASIEST. BANNER. MAKER. EVER, then go here to The hardest part about it is making a decision on exactly what you want it to look like. (Border vs no border kept me up all night, but that's just me).

I also tweaked my background color (Sienna1) and the sidebar size, and added the search bar (oooh!) with the help of this super easy, wonderfully written Tips for New Bloggers. If it can be done, they'll tell you how to use it. It's all cut and paste. No HTML knowledge required.

And viola! The ease of a template, the custom look all my own. Easy breezy beautiful Quir-ky Blog!

The only downside is that it makes me crave sherbert dreamsicles now.


Melissa~ said...

You are so funny, you know I pretty much use the basic template at typepad with a few tweaks, so I'm in no position to judge...*LOL*..

I love the new colors...very inviting


Anonymous said...

What does a viola have to do with it? You want stringed instruments, too?????
Seriously, I love the new springtime look!