Good News- Bad News, the Student Edition

It's Good news/Bad News time!

Good news: I just had my last class of the semester! Cue the Endzone Dance! *dancing* Oh yeah! Oh yeah! It's my birthday! No more classes!

Bad news: Except that I've just decided to take miniterm, so the new "semester" starts May 5. Not a lot of time for the endzone dancing after all.

Good news: By taking the miniterm like this, it means that I don't have to double up classes in June. Which means June will only have class 2 nights a week for 4 hours, instead of 4 nights a week for 4 hours, which makes a HUUUUUGE difference in the chances of me keeping some semblance of sanity and not killing someone.

Bad news: The miniterm class is a finance class, which is not my cup of tea. And by "not my cup of tea", I mean BARF! YAK! SPEW! I'm allergic to math.

Good News: When I told the instructor that I was allergic to math, he laughed and told me it wouldn't be that bad. He's a good teacher. And besides, it's only for a month. I can handle anything for a month.

Bad news: it's T minus 4 days until I defend my thesis for my MBA. Mucho nerve-racking. Not so much about the paper, because it's all written and just needs a few final tweaks. And not so much over the presentation because I am not one of those people who dislikes public speaking. I can do a presentation to anyone about anything without batting an eye. The part that makes me nervous is the actual sudden death lightning round at the end, where the professors will fire questions at me to see how well I know my stuff. Like, "why did you pick this variable?" and "How can you confirm the validity of this data?" and "Why didn't you choose to do it this other way?". I'm trying to think of questions in advance so I can practice answering them, but the possibilities are endless, so I'm basically just going to have to wing it. Wish me luck. It's Monday night at 7pm.

Good news: At least the final in my other class is pretty easy. And a take home test too! I'm not as worried about this one because I'm acing the pants off of this class.

Bad News: But it is still one more thing that I'll have to sit down and make time for. (It's due tomorrow, so I guess I better start working on it).

Good News: But it'll all be worth it because as of June 27th, I'll be finished with classes FOREVER! Mwu-hahahahahahahaha! Then I'll have this nice fat MBA degree with my name on it! And that's got me doing the Endzone Dance all over again!


AnneK said...

Good luck with your defense. I vividly recall mine. I had 1 hr of questioning. Never was I so glad to get out from a room.

Jean said...

Good luck! Good luck! Saying it twice makes it luckier right? I can't even imagine doing a presentation much less defend it.

Erin said...

Hope everything goes well and that you ace it! I hate public speaking, so I'm shuddering at the thought of it all. I'm sure you'll do great and June 27 isn't that far off!

Elaine A. said...

Still picturing you doing the endzone dance...

Good luck with everything, You are almost there!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I'll do the endzone dance along with you... I just handed in my last exam of the year. Yay.

Good luck! I know you'll rock it.

organicsyes said...

Good news....I like your blog:)

Bad news...need more time to read more of it:)

I will be back!