Let Me Check My Calendar...

So I'm having trouble with the job hunt. Not so much because of a lack of jobs, but because of a lack of will to work. For this, I blame the recent bout of intoxicating spring-like weather that we've been having. With this weather, I find myself waaaaay too busy to go to work. For instance, first I wake up and eat breakfast. Then I spend roughly 45 minutes inspecting the pots in the windowsill to see if any of my new seedlings have sprouted yet. Then I go out and sit on the back porch for two hours to watch the birds eat at the bird feeders. (We have cardinals, doves, and black cap chickadees!) I pick out some new songs to add to my music playlist, read the day's blog entries, and check the 7 day weather forecast. Then I go to the gym for a workout, have some lunch, and run by the library. The afternoon is completely booked with reading in the sunshine and checking to see what spring bulbs are poking their way up through the ground. Then it's back to my sunny spot on the porch to contemplate important things like what I feel like making for dinner. Even second shift jobs are out...evening is for a little tv and a soak in the tub. See? The calendar is booked. And given my busy schedule, I just don't see where I can find the time to go sit in a stuffy windowless cubical.

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Erin said...

My sentiments exactly!! I say that is time well spent.