Heeeeeeere Job Job Job Job!

So I've been kinda stalking this company for awhile. They claim to have no job openings, but I am not deterred. After much introspection, I thought it might be fun to work with them. (And no, I'm not even uttering a hint of who they are because I don't want to jinx it. Jinx rules are very specific about these things. Tony and I didn't even tell anybody that we'd looked at our future house until they agreed to our offer and the home inspection passed. My mom was all like, "What do you mean you bought a house? What house?" So you'll just have to stay in the dark. I'm dangerously close to the line just for bringing it up now).

Anyway, I've been harassing this company for a few weeks now, and even though they have no idea who I am and have never ever claimed to have a job position available, I have still managed to finagle a promised 30 minutes of their time so that I can meet them and talk with them more about what they do. I'm hoping to wow them with my wonderfulness so that when the economy does crawl its way back out of the toilet and/or someone already there mysteriously disappears while trekking through the Himalayas, they will immediately think of me. For the job opening, I mean...not for being responsible about the missing person (although I'm not confirming or denying anything without my lawyer present).

Maybe they'll have something sooner than they think. Maybe it'll be years before they call. It doesn't really matter. I'm thinking long term here. The idea is that eventually I'll get something that I can be passionate about.

Until then, I'll be out setting bear traps in the Himalayas.


Erin said...

Oh, how mysterious :) I hope they realize how wonderful you are and know that they would be missing out without you. Go get em!

tootie said...

Ha! I hope the traps work.

Best of luck with the meeting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.