100 Things

I'm out frolicking in the sand and surf of Jamaica at the moment, so please leave a message at the beep. Don't worry though, I've arranged for this lovely repost to help keep your mind off of the fact that you're in blah winter and I'm in Paradise.

*Originally posted on 5/15/07*
100 Things

I saw this on BigMama's blog, and it seemed like a pretty neat thing to try to do. The idea is to come up with 100 things about yourself. Hers was good. We'll see about mine.

1. I was born in 1980, which is a convenient way to remember how old I was in any particular year. 1987? I was 7. 1992? I was 12. Easy.
2. It was in June, so my birthday party of choice was the pool party.
3. I don't have pool parties anymore. It's a shame really.
4. My dearest husband has the same birthday. Same day, same year.
5. Not the same hospital...that's just weird.
6. I always feel guilty that I want to eat in a seafood restaurant on our birthday, but Tony hates seafood.
7. He takes me to the seafood restaurant anyway. He's just good like that.
8. When I was 5, I wasn't wearing my seat belt and fell out and Mom accidentally ran over me with the car.
9. I got to wear a cast on my leg afterwards. I thought it was really cool.
10. Mom didn't. She still feels terrible about it.
11. I have a sister who is three years younger than I am.
12. When we were little, I would eat all the carrots out of her beef stew, and she would eat all of my potatoes.
13. We would split the meat chunks.
14. She's currently away at Harvard Law School, so no one eats my potatoes in the beef stew anymore.
15 . I really miss her.
16. My favorite class in high school was art.
17. My least favorite was anything having to do with math.
18. Except for geometry. That was okay because at least it had shapes.
19. I never had braces.
20. Or glasses.
21. I probably need the glasses now but am in denial about it.
22. I took Latin in high school because Mom thought it would help me if I took a job in a scientific field.
23. I didn't.
24. I can't remember any of the Latin either.
25. I went to the University of Tennessee for undergrad.
26. I met Tony while we were sorting packages in the dorm post office.
27. We went to Krystal for dinner that night.
28. I like the Krystal chiks. Tony wasn't impressed.
29. My graduation present from Mom and Dad was a 75 gallon fish tank. I picked it out myself.
30. My first job out of college was with a global logistics company. I filled out the forms to get the cargo through US Customs.
31. It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.
32. Mom and Dad both work in pharmaceutical sales.
33. Mom's specialty is women's health.
34. We discuss the ramifications of having an inverted uterus over lunch.
35. Trust me, you don't want to know.
36. My favorite healthy food is broccoli. I could eat broccoli every day forever.
37. My favorite non-healthy food is chocolate. I could eat chocolate every day forever.
38. Not together though.
39. My pet peeve is when people use "their" instead of "they're", or vice versa.
40. I haven't decided yet what I want to do when I grow up.
41. I don't swim because I don't like to stick my head in the water.
42. Water goes up my nose and I choke.
43. The blowing-the-air-out-through-your-nose thing doesn't work for me.
44. I do a mean dog-paddle though.
45. I'm not good at small talk with strangers.
46. I only have a few friends, but we're very close.
47. I think I'm pretty easygoing.
48. I'm a night person. Anything going on before 9am should be illegal unless it started the night before.
49. I'm a killer bingo player.
50. I can never remember what beats what in poker.
51. I married Tony on April 5th, 2003.
52. We played "Another One Bites the Dust" at our reception.
53. I had the most beautiful wedding dress ever.
54. I'm still trying to think of a reason to wear that dress again.
55. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.
56. I don't tell him that often enough.
57. I drive a convertible.
58. I think the wind in my hair is better than therapy.
59. Cheaper too.
60. My favorite spot in the house is the air chair on the screened-in porch.
61. I also like soaking in the bathtub.
62. I like reading cheesy romance novels because no matter what happens to the characters, there's always a happy ending.
63. I just like happy endings period.
64. I have two Siamese cats, Mason and Dixon.
65. Dixon is a Mama's Boy. I think he's trying to prepare me for motherhood.
66. It's not working.
67. Before we moved back to Knoxville, Tony and I lived in Norfolk VA.
68. Before that, I lived in Atlanta by myself.
69. Living alone taught me a lot about myself.
70. Like that I'm a terrible housekeeper.
71. I like to make lists. To-do lists, project lists, grocery lists, book lists.
72. I have lists of all the different lists I have.
73. I like to build things.
74. My last project was a homemade rain barrel. It's connected to a homemade soaker hose. It turned out well.
75. I like to garden.
76. My success rate with plants is about 50-50.
77. I'm hoping the rain barrel will improve those odds.
78. I'm working on getting my MBA in the evenings after work.
79. I really like school. I wish I could afford to be a professional student.
80. Or a professional list maker.
81. The song that plays over and over again from the neighborhood ice cream truck irritates the crap out of me.
82. I do like ice cream though.
83. I do day hikes on the weekends.
84. I'm hoping that the hikes counteract the effect that the ice cream has on my thighs.
85. I need to go on longer hikes.
86. Tony's pet name for me is Goose.
87. Or Little Goose, Baby Goose, Silly Goose, or Bad Goose.
88. Tony got me a Blackhawks jersey with Goose on the back for Christmas one year.
89. I'm a Cubs fan by marriage.
90. I've been a hockey fan forever.
91. I don't like my knees. They just look awkward to me.
92. I'm afraid of needles so I never give blood.
93. I hate the little dog next door who keeps coming over to poop in my flowerbeds.
94. I fantasize about drop kicking him back to his own house.
95. I would never really kick an animal.
96. The humane society commercials make me cry every time.
97. I look terrible when I cry.
98. I want to leave the world a little better than I found it.
99. Even if that's just by making one person smile.
100. I encourage people to embrace their inner quirkiness. It's a compliment.