Little Sister

Well, it's the Seester's birthday today. Exactly 26 years ago, she abruptly crashed my party, taking all of the attention, and forever screwing up my detailed plans to be the indulged only child.

Sigh. The best laid plans of mice and three year olds.

Still, as siblings go, I suppose she's not so bad. She's smart, and funny, and she thinks on my wavelength (poor kid). She gets my obscure jokes and still laughs at my snarky remarks. She is incredibly adept at translating what I'm saying when I'm not saying anything. She understands the unbreakable power of a pinkie swear, and can still recite large portions of Muppet Treasure Island with me. We settle disputes with Rock, Paper, Scissors, and she always throws scissors first (I'm not sure if she realizes that...I may have just blown my advantage there). She's loyal.

And even though there have been times that she's made me crazy, most of the time I must admit that I have gotten somewhat attached to her in the last two and a half decades.


Tater Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, boo!

And I won't be fooled by your attempts to corner me into throwing rock or paper because I know you know I always throw scissors. Now when I throw scissors, it is because I have triple faked you out.

Your advantage is blown indeed!