Quick Takes (vol 1)

One- Those of you who have been around for a while may remember 10 on Tuesdays. We haven't done one in a while...mainly because I tend to blather on too long about everything, and the post ended up being 45 pages long. So I had kinda let those fall by the wayside. But then I saw where Conversion Diary does a 7 Quick Takes on Friday, which is not only less than 10, but also "Quick". (And on Friday). So I thought I'd try it out.
Two- I stopped by the Knoxville Museum of Art today. It was totally on a whim. I was walking by after my exercise class at the gym and happened to notice the "Free Admission Today" sign out front. And since it's been YEARS since I made time to stop and go to an art museum, I was like, why not? So I popped in and absolutely LOVED IT! That may just become a weekly tradition on free admission days.

Three- While I was at the above-mentioned KMA, I saw the most awesome glasswork. The exhibit features artist Josh Simpson, and it Blew. Me. Away. Seriously, I almost cried. His signature stuff is what he calls his planets, but I think I loved the New Mexico glass the best. If you get a chance to see his work, by all means GO!

Four- My wonderful glass-induced high was totally destroyed upon arriving home and finding that "somehow" all of my handmade stepping stones managed to end up in the bottom of my pond. And while luckily nothing was hurt, I am greatly annoyed that a) someone does not respect other people's property, and b) it is hard enough to keep stuff out of that pond without someone deliberately throwing stuff into it, and c) I had to get my arm all wet when I reached in to pull them out. I have no proof, but I suspect that this is the work of the little brats across the street.

Five- You know what? It wouldn't be hard to set up a camera that focuses on the pond. My office window looks out over it. And I'd love to have video evidence with which to confront the pond perps. Unless of course I'm totally blowing this out of proportion and need to get a grip. I mean, I don't want them messing up my pond, but I also don't want to be the crotchety old neighbor who yells things like, "Get outta my yard you rotten kids!" I think I'll let this time go. If it happens again though, I'm pulling out the security surveillance.

Six- One of my biggest gripes about going downtown is that I can never find free parking. Well today, I found a lot that offers just that, and I am sooooo excited about it. (The small things make me so excited). Victory dance for not having to shell out a dollar an hour anymore.

Seven- The whole family is getting ready to participate in a giant garage sale on April 17 and 18th. I've been ruthlessly scouring the house, sweeping stuff into my "garage sale" box. I'm very excited about all the stuff I'm clearing out. Some of this stuff is still closed up in the boxes from when we moved here five years ago. I say if we haven't needed it since then, we don't need it now. It'll be so nice to get it out of my house. Don't you just love spring cleaning?


Cortney said...

Wasn't that glass exhibit incredible??? Matt and I went on Valentine's Day and were completely blown away!

Anonymous said...

We're making a pond, and our neighbors are brats too. If anything ends up in the pond that shouldn't be there, I am blaming them. I hadn't thought of the surveillance...hmmm...There is soo much I could catch them on, too! =)

Naah, it's a waste of my time. Everyone knows those two kids are brats anyway, including their parents.