Temperature Killed The Internet Star

So the past three days have been crazy annoying for me, seeing how I broke my Internet and immediately sunk into major web withdrawal.

It all started when I was "improving" my total home computing experience and downloaded a lot of helpful programs...and thus crushed my Internet under the sheer weight of all my connectivity. Everything slowed to the point that the pages would time out before they would load, which is mui mui exasperating, in case I haven't mentioned that already.

Plus, I wasn't sure what had caused it, so I spent the last 72 hours running and rerunning my anti-spyware/malware/generally-disruptive-to-my-life-ware programs, looking for the culprit. The good news was that I don't have any viruses. The bad news was that I finally traced the computer-juice hog back to my very lovely desktop weather program from (You know the constantly monitors the temperature and whatnot and displays it in a little box on your task bar. I loved being able to sit at my computer and go, "Look! It's 58 degrees! Oh look, now it's 59 degrees!" all from the comfort of my office chair).

But alas, it was not meant to be. The weather was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back. It had to go if I wanted my Internet life back.

So goodbye desktop weather! I already miss you more than you will ever know, but your all-consuming existence and co-dependent tendencies had isolated me from my Internet friends, facebook games and ebay shopping, and I just couldn't give that up.

Instead I have to rely on a completely analogue way of getting my weather updates...the window.

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tootie said...

Ha! Who knew that wanting to know the weather could slow down your computer? Glad you found the culprit!