I Still Love You The Girl From Mars

Do you ever come across a song that you loved back in your youth, but somehow the two of you lost touch and suddenly you haven't heard it in YEARS, and then you rediscover it again by accident, and you love it all over again?

Yeah, me neither.

I'm kidding! Actually, I just did that. My particular song is Girl from Mars, by Ash, which came out sometime during my sophomore/junior year of high school. We shared a brief but intense love affair for about two months, and then I callously tossed them aside for my next music fling. (Actually, while I loved Girl from Mars, I couldn't commit to the other songs on the album enough to actually shell out the $15 for the entire CD. This was the time before mp3s went mainstream, so if you wanted one song, you had to accept it's geeky song friends with it. I seems barbaric now, doesn't it?)

Anyway, back in the day, those over-the-top guitar riffs were the perfect head-banging, room-cleaning, homework-doing accompaniment. Just hearing it took me back to sunny Saturday mornings of stuffing enough piles of dirty clothes under my bed to clear a walking path to the doorway.

Not that I ever did that, Mom.

The song in question happened to stage it's comeback tour in my life as a background song on a rerun of Gilmore Girls on ABCfamily the other night. (Ironically, Gilmore Girls is also staging a comeback tour for me...I quit watching out of protest when Lorelai and Luke broke off their engagement, but the reruns come on while I'm cooking dinner, and they have managed to suck me back in all over again). Anyway, the song started playing, and like long lost lovers spying each other from across the room, I immediately dropped the spoon and slow-motion ran towards the tv to embrace in it's annoying catchy, lyrical arms.

Now, tell me. What songs have you recently reunited with? Are there any songs from your past that have shown up and seduced you all over again? Pray tell. We'll form a support group.

PS- Here it is, in case you have ever loved and lost also. Give it a few times through and I'll guarantee you that you won't be able to get it out of your head.

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Stephanie said...

I've been your sister for 13 years since that song came out and I have never heard it before.

Where was I for these intense two months of musical passion?

Tanja said...

Fantasy, by Aldo Nova. But that may be before your time, and I'm sure I'm admitting my age with it. But it ROCKED!

Reluctant Housewife said...

I like Gilmore Girls, too.

Song... song... Hmmm... Shiny Happy People by REM played near the beginning of Marley and Me and it was good. I guess that counts.