Some Random Stuff on Tuesday

Just so you know up front, this isn't going to be an exciting or brilliantly witty post. There just hasn't been anything good to write about lately. As a matter of fact, I feel a bullet-point attack coming on, so you know that not only is it going to be boring, but completely unrelated to anything else.

Consider yourself warned.

  • I'm having a good hair day today. It was just one of those rare days where I got up and ran a brush through it, and it just magically fell into place, all by itself. No curling, no gel, and no need for a ponytail restraining order. I have no idea what caused it to be in such a good mood, and I probably couldn't deliberately reproduce the effects if I tried, but I'll take it. Good hair days are a gift, and need to be treated as such. Of course, I had absolutely nowhere to go except for a routine doctor's visit, so no one who would be impressed would see my fab hair.'s hair forecast is sunny.

  • Like I said, it was my annual trip to the lady doctor today. You'd think that the chances for bloggy hilarity would be foolproof there, what with the paper gowns and a doctor shoulder deep in one's hoo-ha, but fortunately or not, it was a completely unexceptional visit. I like my lady doctor (well, as much as one can like a doctor anyway...and one holding a speculum at that), and she's pretty good about weeding through my gripes about bloating and hormonally-caused acne to see through to any real concerns that I might have (mostly that I'm a big whiny baby).

  • Oh, wait! There was one other bright spot in the doctor visit. The scale in their office weighed me a whopping 10 lbs LESS than the one at the gym did last time I bothered to check. I was shocked. And thrilled, but mostly shocked. I know that the gym workouts are supposed to do that and all, but with their scales permanently hovering around the exact same number for the past year, I had pretty much accepted that that was just how much I weighed. Not that the new number is anything more than just that-a number, but it makes me feel good to know that if there was ever any reason that someone would have to carry me anywhere, I'd have 10 less pounds to fatigue them.

  • I kicking around the idea of getting a jean skirt. I haven't had one since I was 12 or so, but I saw them in the store the other day, and I've been thinking about them. What are the guidelines for jean skirts? I don't want to look like I'm trying to be 14, but I don't want to look like a Jehovah's Witness either. Thoughts?

  • I found my Pure 80's CD in the back of a closet on Saturday, and I've had it playing for the past few days. I forgot how much fun 80's music is. At this very moment, I'm howling along with Video Killed the Radio Star. The cats are cowering under the bed. (No musical appreciation there at all).


Melanie said...

I love my jean skirt. I opted for one that was a bit on the shorter side, but that's in part because I feel my legs are my best asset and "they" say to flaunt your assets.. so I do.

Anonymous said...

You know those cute ruffly-layered ones? Or any with a funky wash? If you wore those the first time around you're too old to wear them again. That's really a general rule for any fashion comeback.... A simple denim pencil skirt would be a good middle ground between 'tween and religious fundamentalist.

Steve Patterson said...

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