The Turtle

My roses certainly seem to be attracting the wildlife lately. First the cardinal, and now this:
Yes, my friends, a box turtle has decided to stop by to visit.

At first I thought he was a rock. I was out in the yard, making my rounds and checking to make sure that I didn't need to spray the roses for aphids again, when I glanced down and thought "Who put that weird looking rock right there next to my planter?" And then he moved, and I yelled something like, "AIIIIEEEE!" and he yelled something like "AIIIIEEEE!" and I jumped back and he ducked into his shell. And I said, "Geez turtle! You about gave me a heart attack!" and he said, "Yeah well, right back atcha lady!" And then we stood there for a second, feeling a bit awkward.

And then to break the silence, I said something like, "Soooo, nice day, huh?" and kinda rolled his eyes like he couldn't believe that we were actually discussing the weather, but he sighed and said, "Yeah, nice day". And then I said, "Just out for a stroll?" and he said, "Something like that". And then there was another awkward pause.

And then finally I said, "Look, I hope this won't come across as being forward, but do you mind if I take a picture of you for my blog?" And he kinda cocked his head and said, "Slow news day, huh?" and I was like, "Yeah", and he sighed again and was like, "Okay. But you should really consider getting a life." And I was like, "Don't I know it, turtle".


Erin said...

And think i possibly just peed my pants :D i haven't blogged in over 2 weeks cause we don't have anything resembling as much excitement as turtles around here!!

rediscovery said...

send the mr. turtle this way . . . I need a turtle to talk to.

JLI (Jenn) said...

okay, that is some seriously funny stuff! i linked over from Tater Mama....HI!

i might have to show this my husband so he knows there's someone in the world as crazy as me (i mean, you talk to turtles! that's FABULOUS!)

Quirky said...

Hi Jenn and welcome! Tell your husband that talking to turtles isn't's when the turtle thinks that you're a dork for talking to him that you know you're in trouble. :-)