Are You Paying Attention To This, Lord Stanley?

I don't know if the rest of you are following the Stanley Cup playoffs, or any hockey in general, but tonight's game?


Of course, we were a teeny bit worried because Detroit totally wiped Chicago's rear the first game, and then again with a heartbreaking loss in overtime for the second game (during which Tony actually jumped off the couch and yelled, "SHOOT IT CAMPBELL! QUIT SKATING AROUND IN CIRCLES LIKE A PRETTY PRETTY BALLERINA!", which of course struck me as hilarious because nobody- NOBODY is mistaking a 6'0, 200lb defenceman for a pretty pretty ballerina, even if he does skate in circles). So game three tonight was a total nail biter, especially when Havlat got bulldozed against the boards, lost consciousness, and then endured both teams square-dancing all over his lifeless body as they battled.

(Dude is going to have a major headache tomorrow).

(Man I love this game!)

Still, once we figured out that Havlat wasn't dead (he's fine except for the fact that he's under the impression that he's the Queen of England), we settled into a comfortable 3-0 lead.

Which they then managed to blow in a matter of minutes.


(If Tony had hair, he so would have pulled it out).

(I might be short a little hair as it is).

I actually had to get up and leave the room for the first part of the third period because I couldn't stand the suspense. (Don't worry...I came back. I just needed a minute to chillax so that my heart rate could drop below 700...we really get into these games). And despite my little sanity break right there at the beginning, I was totally there to see Sharp's winning goal in overtime, which totally makes up for blowing the lead.

(Pause for a minute for my excessive celebration)

Whew! How could anybody not love this sport? It has it all- the speed, the crashes, the battles, the photo finishes, the hairpin turnarounds, and last but not least...

200lb. pretty pretty ballerinas.

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Mary said...

hahahaha did Tony really shout pretty pretty ballerina?! funny!!