Peeping Tom

So I'm downstairs in my workroom, playing with my oil paints, when I get the strangest feeling that I'm being watched. I glance over to the window and sure enough, there's a face staring back at me! Nose pressed to the window, gazing around the room all interested like he has every right to be there. (Meanwhile, I had jumped about ten feet in the air and yelled "hey!"). Talk about some nerve!

I've seen this guy around the neighborhood before, but we've never been properly introduced so I'm not 100% sure who he is. I think he lives in the house behind mine in the subdivision. Lucky for me, I happened to be appropriately dressed and there's nothing proprietary in my workroom to cause much of a stir, but I figured I'd snap a picture of the guy as evidence anyway. I mean, who knows how many houses he goes around peeping in?

So I'm turning the tables and posting his picture on the Internet so the world can peep at him instead. And that way if you see this fellow around, you've been warned that he's a voyeur: