Living La Vida Loca

It's another exciting day here in the House of Quirk. Today's agenda? Laundry. And return a staticy intercom system to Radioshack. And maybe, if I'm feeling especially adventurous on the way back from Radioshack, stop and buy a gallon of milk.

I know. It's a wonder they haven't made a movie about my life. Maybe several.

The laundry is just laundry: towels, a load or two of darks where I pretend that "hand wash" really means "just toss in on'll be okay", and a special treat of washing the tiny outfits that Baby Girl has already amassed. (For those of you not in the baby clothes washing know, apparently you're supposed to wash all the clothes in an expensive hypoallergenic detergent before allowing them to touch baby's delicate skin. One more thing I was not aware of before this whole pregnancy thing). So our normal Ultra Tide with stain boosting technology is out. Baby Girl requires her own bottle of $16 for-the-small-size detergent with a picture of a smiling baby on the front.

(Which totally reminds me of a problem we read about in our Global Marketing class one time where Gerber was trying to enter the Chinese baby food market and couldn't figure out why sales were so lousy. Turns out that the Chinese have a habit of putting pictures of the ingredients on the labels of their goods, so Chinese mothers were understandably alarmed that the tiny bottles of mystery goo had the giant face of the Gerber baby on the front).

(This really has nothing to do with what I was talking about, but it makes a fun factoid to whip out at parties).

(Well, marketing parties, anyway).

(You're welcome).

Anyhoo, after laundry, we will embark on our next adventure, which is returning some intercoms to Radioshack. See, the other night I was sitting in the living room downstairs and Tony was in the office upstairs, and we were yelling back and forth to each other about something, but all it basically came down to was:

Tony: MURRR-murr-raaah!
Me: What?
Tony: Murrr-murr-rahhh!
Tony: WHAT?
Tony: WHAT?

And I was all, forget this, yelling back and forth is just ridiculous. So I ran out to RadioShack and bought some wireless intercoms. Plug them in, hit the talk button, and viola! No more yelling. Only when I got home and plugged them in, the static was so bad that the only things that came through was "murr-murr-raaaah" and the occasional "what?". So they are going back. I have a feeling that the ol' wireless router may be to blame for some of the static, so I might try exchanging these for the 900mhz ones instead. We shall see.

(Ohhhh! How's that for a cliff hanger? IS the wireless router causing the static?? WILL she exchange the basic intercoms for the 900mhz ones? WHAT did Tony mean by "murrr-murrr-raaaah"? Find out all this and more next time on As the House of Quirk Turns!)

The rights to the movie deal should be rolling in any minute now.