You Gonna Eat That?

You always hear about weird food combinations that pregnant women go through, and up until now, I figured that was pretty much a myth because while I was eating in phases - the everything garlic phase, the grilled cheese sandwich phase, the chicken sandwich from Burger King phase (don't mock me...Baby Girl got sucked into those buy one, get one free commercials EVERY SINGLE TIME)- I was never really combining things like pickles and ice cream with anchovies.

That is, until Tuesday.

Mom and I were having lunch and I ordered a cup of crab bisque, a Philly cheese steak, broccoli, and a bunch of pickles. The waitress thought I was nuts, but let me tell you, the crabby-steaky-broccoli-pickle combo is FABULOUS!

(Write that down, Rachel Ray. FABULOUS! A taste explosion in your mouth!)

(As a matter of fact, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it).

(Oh who am I kidding? I'm hungry all the time now, no matter what I'm thinking about).

Last night Tony and I went out for Mexican, and I ate my entire rather large meal of bean and chicken chalupas, plus half of Tony's chicken chimichanga and a 1/3 of some guy's fried ice cream dessert. (To be fair, it was not just some random stranger that I was pilfering food from...he's the husband of a friend of ours, and he did offer. Although that might have been because I was staring holes at his plate and making whimpering sounds, so he might have felt just a little obligated. But whatever. The point is he offered and Baby Girl likes fried ice cream.)

Oh! Epiphany! How delicious would fried ice cream be with the crabby-steaky-broccoli-pickle combo from above?!? Like heaven on a plate, that's how.


It'll be the newest taste sensation to sweep the nation. There will be franchises. Cooking shows. Me and Wolfgang Puck on Good Morning America. And before you go, "I'd never order something like that!", keep in mind that chances are at some point you might be sitting at a table with a pregnant woman, and you'll have to order it just so you'll have something to distract her with when she looks at your real entree and goes, "Ohhh, Baby Girl loves (fill in whatever you ordered) you mind if I have a bite of that?"

I'm just saying that it happens.