Savannah Baby Shower

I know I promised that I'd share my baby shower pictures from Savannah forever and a day ago, but it took me a while to optimize all the pictures so that it wouldn't take a bazillion years to load. That said, here's the baby shower that my Dad's side of the family threw for me, in picture form.

It was a ton of fun, and Baby Girl scored quite the haul.

Baby Girl will love this!

Thanks to Cousin Shelly for keeping track of who gave what to make thank you cards easier!

The food was fabulous! There's just something about miniature pink cakes and cookies and whatnot that tastes delicious!Aunt Kathy. She and Aunt Debi threw the party for me. Thanks guys!

Aunt Claudia and her pink balloons

A really fabulous Jungle Baby quilt that my mom made for Tummy Time.

Aunt Debi and Cousin Tracy. (It turns out that Aunt Debi is super competitive when it comes to Baby Bingo. I can still hear her yelling, "Come on, yellow rattle! Call the yellow rattle!")

Aunt Beth, who has a few funny birth stories of her own.

Cousin Tracy and her new baby, Vanessa.

Serious baby loot.

My grandmother (Baby Girl's great-grandmother).

Baby Girl giving a hello kick to Baby Vanessa.

My mom and Baby Vanessa. (If there's a baby in the room, my mother will be holding it).

There's roughly a million other pictures from the shower, but I figured this would give you the highlights. (Although if we're facebook pals, you can see more pictures in my baby shower album). I am crazy blessed to have such a loving and generous family, and it was fun to get together and see how excited they are to welcome Baby Girl when she arrives!