Goin' with the motion of the ocean

We were in port at Key West today, and even through it's been choppy and rainy and windy, the cruise program director informed us that our snorkel trip will continue as planned. Not being ones to shirk away from potential sea sickness, Tony and I gleefully boarded our party catamaran and headed out on 10' seas to our designated snorkel spot. Snorkeling in choppy water is a bit like trying to lay down while on a roller coaster...during an earthquake...with people throwing salty water all over you...and submerging your snorkel tube in water. The trick, I have discovered, it to completely relax your body, so that your top half can be cresting the next wave while your bottom half is still on the last one. I, being naturally willowy, got the hang of this rather quickly. Tony almost drowned. The visibility wasn't much since the water was churned up, but snorkeling in and of itself is fun, so not a bad trip all and all. That is, right up until I got seasick on the ride back to the cruise ship. I have never been more thankful to get back on dry land, even for a few minutes.

Dinner: Mixed Garden and Field Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Carrots with Choice of Dressing , Mississippi Delta Prawns (I'll say it again to give you a chance to fully absorb how incredible they were...Mississippi Delta Prawns) with American and French Cocktail Sauce (I have no idea what they are made of, these sauces, and at the risk of being...what, a nationalist? I must say that the American sauce was much much better than the French sauce. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I am an American and so am naturally biased).